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Oct 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
coverage. the second part, which is happening now in massachusetts, is to lower health-care costs. what romneycare did was to say we have all these people who are getting hurt or are ill and not treating their illness because they don't have health insurance. hospitals are required to care for them. . ultimately, we as taxpayers pay back money. romneycare upended the process and said we will take steps so that everyone elsdid tell the insurance. people may be a diabetic with complications from diabetes and they can routinely go and see a primary care position instead of waiting until there's a massive flareup and going to the emergency room and then the hospital bill is out of sight. the other thing is, in massachusetts and most other states, let's say you have a roofer who works for himself and does not have felt insurance. he falls off a house and breaks his back. he will wind up in a hospital and the hospital cannot say we will not take care of you. they will treat him. one thing could happen is he essentially goes bankrupt trying to pay his medical bills. or the hospital end up abso
Oct 4, 2012 7:00am EDT
to hear more about the health care plan. i did some research about his health care plan. he had a health-care plan back in 2010. all obamacare people will have to get a chip implanted. i wanted mitt romney to ask him about that. i thought mitt romney did a great job about explaining himself and the economy. neither candidate brought the comment about each other. i'm waiting for the next debate. i voted for john mccain. host: what do you do in pittsburgh? caller: i am a nurse. host: are you on the phone and driving? caller: yes. host: i was going to put it mitt romney and president obama supporter on and see if they could convince you which way to vote. not when you're driving. i would feel guilty. thank you and call back. frank in ohio. caller: i was at a point until i looked at the soap opera last night. supposedlyerstand how the government and the churches -- i thought there would be a dividing point between them. i feel like one of those 47% people now because the job that i had -- i have lost that due to certain situations. not of my fault. secondly, to me it looks like a sham. host: the
Oct 6, 2012 7:00am EDT
. most of it now is health care. i have been in the health-care area for about 12 years now but i really have not seen any discrepancies in terms of friends and family here that have looked for jobs and were not able to find a decent job. the pay is really good as well. benefits are great. i have no complaints. host: we have a few more minutes with this topic but we want to talk about the unemployment rate. we also want to talk about your job status. more is available at their website. ohio, caller:wytcliff is 20 miles east of cleveland. host: monday on this program, we will base our show from ohio state university. we will take a look at issues in ohio and the economics and the larger context of the presidential election but go ahead -- caller: the unemployment drop of 7.8% is wonderful. however, i think it is deceiving. like myself and quite a few other people, i was on unemployment. i am no longer receiving unemployment because it ran out. i am working now. i am working in the mortgage industry which i was laid off from. in manufacturing, there are ample amounts of manufacturing posit
Oct 5, 2012 7:00am EDT
. that was in the balance in the health-care. he found a clever way to finesse the decision. he undermined the commerce clause and it is more into a tax decision. the impact on medicaid -- it was good dear president obama speak about the dangers of undercutting medicaid. that is still something to watch. roberts saw myself as an institution last and not a member of the gang of four. the medicaid decision is something to watch. host: this is a special segment for us. we have students on board the c- us making,ign 2012 bo tour through ohio. airbus is at miami university -- our bus is at miami university. 10 students will be participating. our thanks to time warner cable for getting us connected. john is our for student at miami university. caller: good morning. what can president obama or governor romney due to work with the next congress? do think this will lead to a greater assertion of executive authority in the next term? guest: thank you, john. i did not know i would be facing the toughest questioners. congressional approval is at an all-time low. it is up there with paris hilton and the communist p
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4